The Snake Hair Warrior: Guide to Crush Medusa Dota 2
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The Snake Hair Warrior: Guide to Crush Medusa Dota 2

Depending on how you play Team Dota 2, Medusa, the snake hair warrior, might be hard to beat. Because she is popular in so many areas, most people either can’t stop her or don’t care about her at all. No need to worry, though, because we have some methods that will help you beat her and get those wins.

The Snake Hair Warrior: The main goal of the first part of Jungle Jumble is to stop Medusa’s farming obsession.

Medusa loves being in the jungle more than any other place. During the beginning of the game, her main goal is to collect creeps to improve her chances of winning later. What’s the hard part? Face her at her camps in the woods. By putting the sentries in the triangle in the right places, you can stop her from farming and mess up her plans. But it’s important to remember that you can’t hide the whole bush. This is a step in the right way, even though it’s not simple.

You can call the second part “Surviving the Stone Gaze: Aura Items to the Rescue.”

Medusa can do a huge amount of damage to people, and her hits can wipe out whole teams. Even though it can be scary to face her in a team fight, there is still a chance. For example, the Assault Cuirass, Vladimir’s Offering, Guardian Greaves, and Crimson Guard are all defensive aura items that can change the amount of damage your team takes every time they are used. Though the Crimson Guard ability is still active, these auras might make the Tiny Army do 90 damage instead of 200 while the ability is still active.

The Snake Hair Warrior: Part 3 says that Heaven’s Halberd should be used to cut the Serpent’s weapons.

People who have ever wished they could stop Medusa from hitting their team are now living their dream. Heaven’s Halberd is a piece of gear that stops enemies far away from attacking for five seconds. Despite the fact that Medusa doesn’t usually go for Satanic or Black King Bar, this smart strategy works very well against her. Since she usually uses Manta Style to cast magic, stopping her might change the way the game goes.

The Snake Hair Warrior: It is necessary to defeat the Gorgon as a first step in this case.

In Dota 2, the world is very big, so beating Medusa requires both careful planning and the ability to put things in the right places. You can change the odds in your favor and make things better by using aura items to lower the damage she does, stopping her from farming in the jungle, and disabling her with Heaven’s Halberd. Today is the best time to paly with Holyslots88. Get ready, come up with a plan, and go out and beat the rival wearing snake hair!